Their Love Has Triumphed in the End

How Arthur Boynton and Miss Lillian Rhodes Overcame Opposition to Wedding

“Back of the departure Monday night of Arthur C Boynton and Miss Lillian Rhodes for Huntington, West Virginia, to be married there is an interesting story showing how love will find a way to surmount obstacles.”

“Miss Rhodes, the bride-elect, has been reared since she was 18 months old by her aunt, Mrs. Mary Kenrick, and the latter was very much opposed to the marriage, owing to the youth of the niece, she being not quite 16 years old. Last Sunday, however, Mr. Boynton and Miss Rhodes drove to Harrisonville and secured the consent of Miss Rhodes’ mother, who is there caring for her father, who is quite ill.

Permission to marry given by aut after confering with mother1

As a license could not be secure in this state, the trip to Huntington followed Monday night, the West Virginia laws being more lenient. Friends of the couple will extend congratulations and best wishes.”2

Marry Certificate issued by Boyd County, Kentucky3
  2. Their Love Has Triumphed in the End. (1906, October 27). Portsmouth Times, p. 5.
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