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A Handsome Monument and the Death of William Turner

“Frank McColm, the Manchester marble and granite dealer, closed a contract today with William Turner, of the West Side, for a handsome stone to be erected on his lot in Turkey Creek cemetery. The price paid was $85012

Death of William Turner

“Death came suddenly to William Turner, aged 79, one of the old settlers and best known and wealthiest farmers of the West Side, at his home in Union Mills, Friday night at 11:30.”

“It was a paralytic stroke, his third, that caused the hasty end of the stout and rugged man, but although robbed of his speech he remained conscious to the very last and peacefully passed away, surrounded by his children.”

“It was during the noon hour that the aged man felt an attack coming on and he took to his bed. Dr. JD Henrickson responded to a hurry call and found Mr. Turner in a helpless condition and his tongue silenced. His whole body seemed affected. All of the family were notified, as he was rapidly growing worse.”

“Mr. Turner’s health had been failing for the past few years. Sons and daughters vainly sought to induce him to share the comforts of their homes, but he preferred to live alone. He invariably rallied from sick spells and visited the city at every opportunity. He was for many years a particularly familiar figure along Market street, endearing most of the old-time businessmen among his warmest friends.”

“Mr. Turner was born at Dry Run, March 20, 1832, and has loved on the West Side ever since. During the Civil War, he hired a substitute to serve in his stead. He was a very successful in farming and acquired considerable land in the western part of the county. He married Miss Mary Daniels, and of seven children born to them, one died in infancy. Mrs. Turner died fourteen years ago. The children surviving are Frank Turner and Miss Louise, of this city; Albert, of Pond Run; Charles, of the West Side; Andrew B, of Twin Creek; Mrs. Jennie Blair, wife of Chris Blair.”

“Mr. Turner was a life-long Republican and years ago was quite active in party affairs. He served six years as county commissioner, and at different times filled various township offices of trust. He was regarded as one of the wealthiest men on the West Side, and the sons, like the father before them, have developed into highly successful tillers of the soil.”

“The deceased was one of the oldest Odd Fellows in the county. He was a charter member of Scioto Lodge and also Orient Encampment. The Odd Fellows will likely have charge of the funeral, which will take place from the home of Charles Turner, with services at Friendship ME church, Sunday afternoon, at 2 o’clock. Interment in the Friendship cemetery.”3

  1. Today’s inflation-adjusted cost would be $26801.68 in 2020.
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