Old Scioto County Infirmary Cemetery

I started several years ago researching the Scioto County Infirmary Cemetery and its numbered grave markers. About two years ago I came across evidence that what is now the infirmary cemetery wasn’t the first. When the Infirmary Farm was located at Mound Park, City Free Ground, also known as the Potter’s Field, was most likely where inmates were interred.

After the move to Washington Township, the cemetery was described as being on a slippery hill, and later documentation described the “new” Infirmary Cemetery. Maps generated by the WPA to denote the burials of Scioto County veterans show the location of the former burying ground. It is worth noting that records maintained by the Scioto County Infirmary Superintendents provide dates of death and grave marker numbers for some of the burials at the new cemetery, but those markers being in 1884. Earlier burials are not recorded in any known record aside from newspapers of that period.

I believe that it is highly unlikely those interred there were disinterred and now remain on the property that is managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Page for the Old Infirmary Cemetery

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