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Vanceburg: Dread Diphtheria

“Diphtheria is prevailing to an alarming extent in the neighborhood of Vanceburg, Kentucky. On Town Branch, about two miles back of Vanceburg, about twenty cases are reported, mostly of a malignant type. Several deaths have occurred. Four coffins went out on Vanceburg to that neighborhood in one day this week. The town is quarantined against the infected neighborhood, guards being placed at each end of the place to prevent persons entering from Town Branch. This is rather a senseless proceeding and will probably result in more harm than good. It will be sure to create a panic, and epidemics feed on panics.”

“The families that have been and are afflicted are poor people.”

“Several deaths have also occurred on Kinniconick.”1

  1. Dread Diphtheria. (1891, September 05). Portsmouth Times, p. 1.
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