Robbery of the People’s Bank

“On Sunday night last, the People’s Bank on Third street, was entered and robbed of about two thousand dollars in money1, and twelve gold watches. It appears that the burglars gained access to the bank by cutting through the brick wall which separated the hall of the building from the banking room. After accomplishing this they broke open the safe by means of a crowbar, and with instruments prepared for the purpose to cut a hole though the quarter inch plate iron, which formed the inner door, removed the lock, and then secured everything valuable which the safe contained.”

“The funds of the bank, Mr. Manchester informs us were deposited the day previous in another bank; otherwise the robbers would have obtained a large booty. The burglars went to work very leisurely, it seems, for they brought their lunch with them, and the remnants of eggs and other eatables were found in the bank. They must have been engaged all nigh in performing their work, but they took precaution of locking the door of the hall after they had entered, which circumstances prevented their discovery. They left behind them several of their instruments.”

“The safe is embedded in a thick wall, and with its double iron doors, was supposed to be inaccessible; but the robbery was no doubt performed by persons experienced in the business. Two men have been arrested on suspicion, and are awaiting examination.”2

  1. $67,591.95 today
  2. Robbery of the People’s Bank. (1851, March 24). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 2.
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