Four Prisoners are Taken to Workhouse

“James Craig and Emerson Carlton, white, and Joe Moore and George Phillips, alias John Washington, better known as “Tenderfoot,” comprised the quartette Police Clerk Harry Johnson took to the Cincinnati workhouse Wednesday afternoon.”

“Craig was sentenced because he disregarded the mayor’s warnings to stay away from Portsmouth. He did not appear unduly exercised over his going and while on the train once propped up his feet and began singing. Carlton, on the other hand, was greatly depressed. He was sentenced for cohabitating with Mrs. Belle Traylor. Moore was sentenced for “boot-legging, ” and “Tenderfoot” for holding up and robbing Emma Mosley.”

“The Portsmouth colony at the Cincinnati institution now numbers an even dozen.” 1

  1. Four Prisoners are Taken to Workhouse. (1916, May 11). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 13.