Prostitution in 1876 Portsmouth

“A descent was made on house of doubtful character, corner of 10th and North Waller, last Monday, and its occupants Mary Morningstar, Sarie Salmons and daughter, were captured and remanded to jail. After a few days in the prison, Sarie Salmons gave up, and indited the following letter to the Mayor:”

“Mr. Nickls your Honor Sir – I was arrested by M Hide and tyuston on the 10 I supose my charge acainst me is public prostitution if it is your power to realeas me I will leave your city in one our after I am realeased me and my daughter my home is in Boyd Ky It was my entenchon to have went ther I had not got arest Sarie Salmons.”

“If the twain will lean in an ‘our’ after they are released they ought to be allowed to skip out.”1

  1. (1876, July 15). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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