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Ironton Resident Killed by ‘Trap’

“Ironton, October 30 – A burglar ‘trap’ set by Walter Yates, proprietor of the Sunshine grocery, Seventh and Adams streets, three weeks ago, after the store had been loots of a large amount of merchandise, brought tragic death to one of his own employees Thursday night.”

Robert Starr, 29, of Cincinnati, was killed almost instantly when he accidently walked into a wire, which was connected to a shotgun, aimed at the rear door.”

“Starr was struck over the heart with the full charge of the single-barrel weapon.”

“The accident occurred at about 7 PM as Yates was preparing to close the store for the night.”

“Yates said that, after installing the trap’, he notified police. He said Starr knew of the trap.”

“The grocer said that each night before closing the store he would ‘cock’ the gun, and that he had done this about five minutes before Starr met his death.”

“Yates said that he and Mrs. Yates and William Baldridge and Starr were talking when Starr left the group and went into the back room where the accident occurred.”

Police Chief Denis Callahan and Coroner WW Lynd said that death was accidental.”

“Starr is survived by his wife, Mrs. Luella Starr of Cincinnati and two young children, Gloria and Dicky.”1

Robert Hunter Starr Death Certificate

  1. Iron Resident Killed By ‘Trap’. (1936, October 30). Portsmouth Times, pp. 1 & 9.
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