Kentucky Ohio

Buena Vista Girl Helps Lover Escape

“A Buena Vista Girl Assists Her Lover in Breaking Out of Jail at Vanceburg and Breaks in Herself”

“A special to the Cincinnati Post from Vanceburg, Kentucky, says”

“Last week Sam May and William Burns were incarcerated here for stoning the residence of the widow Ross at Fairview. Sunday afternoon Miss Maggie Bishop, 16, a very pretty girl from Buena Vista, Ohio, came across the Ohio to release her sweetheart, William Burns. The jailer had been warned that the attempt to release him would be made by a woman.

“Maggie donned a neat suit, of boy’s clothing, went to the jail unsuspected and slipped a small hatchet and a file to her lover. A few hours later the younger men were free and yelling defiance from the Ohio shore. Miss Maggie is now in appropriate dress and in jail.”1

Note: A review of the 1880 Census reveals that Maggie Bishop, born in 1897, lived in Nile Township, Scioto County, Ohio, with her Grandmother, Nancy Bishop, William H Bishop, and her mother, Amanda F Bishop.

  1. A Buena Vista Girl. (1895, November 9). Portsmouth Times, p. 1.
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