1936: Relief Clients Will Get Work

Able-bodied men of families on the county relief roll will be employed by the county to work out relief furnished their families, Orin L. Graves, clerk of county commissioners, announced Saturday. This group will include members of relief families who are not employed by WPA.

The relief clients will be used on a cemetery renovation program, launched recently by the county commissioners, under direction of Mr. Graves.

Every pubic cemetery in the county will be renovated. The relief department has certified 60 men for employment on the project. Township trustees will supervise the work in their townships and will furnish part of the materials.

Brush will be removed from all cemeteries. Fences will be repaired. Markers and tombstones will be reset. Toads leading to the cemeteries and driveways will be reconstructed. Graves will be rebuilt.

The commissioners appealed to relatives of persons buried in rural cemeteries to assist in identifying the graves. 1

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