The Last Will of John Blondon


Portsmouth, Ohio
November 27th, 1918.

This is my will and my wishes that when I am called to leave this world I want Bessie Pixley to take charge of all my things that I leave here and dispose of them as she sees fit to do with them as I have no one to look after me. I got no relatives a living that I know of. I want Bessie Pixeley to see to haveing me put away and I wish to be put in the circle or on high ground in greenlawn simertire. I want her to have my too gold watches and all of my carpenter tools and moneys that I leave and to collect my inshurane and the benifit from the State for bearel purposes and if there is aney pension due me report to the pension office and they will pay it. and you will find all papers there in a bundle together in my trunk, and all money will be there to and I want Bessie Pixley to be Admistrator with out bond. This is my while desire of the disposel of my estate
John Blonden
Born December 18th, 1845
Executed this day of July 1919
x John Blondon

Executed by John Blondon as his last will in our presence and declared by him to be his last will, signed by us as witnesses at his request.
Laura Halderman
Jasper Stephens

In the death of John Blondon, who died about seven o’clock this morning, another name must be taken from the slowly, but relentlessly diminishing list of Civil War Veterans. The final summons came to Mr. Blondon at his home, 1140 Twelfth street, after an extended illness of complications. He had been bedfast only ten days before he passed to the Great Beyond.

The deceased was born at Mechanicsburg, Md., December 18, 1845. During the war he was a member of the Co. E, 3rd Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland. After the war he came to Portsmouth and for many years worked for the Gilbert Grocery company. Of later years he worked at his trade of carpenter.

After the death of his wife, Anna Blondon, who died February 20, 1901, Mr. Blondon had no relatives and lived alone, at the home where he passed away.

The funeral will be held at 3:30 o’clock on Friday afternoon, from Windel’s Undertaking Parlors, with burial in the soldiers’ circle in Greenlawn.

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