Scioto County Infirmary

Mystery Veils Pair’s Death.

“Portsmouth and Huntington police and health officials pooled their efforts today in investigations in the sudden deaths of Mrs. Opal Dale Johnston, 32, here in city jail Saturday noon and the husband, Cecil Johnston, 55, in a Huntington hospital at 11:45 PM Saturday.”

“Mr. Johnston was found unconscious on a Huntington street at 8:45 PM while local authorities sought the husband to question him in the sudden death of the wife.”

“Local police said the husband was present when the wife was taken into custody on Market Street at 8:45 AM Saturday but he was not questioned at the time because the woman was booked on an ordinary intoxication charge.”

“Coroner Virgil Fowler is of the opinion that use of denatured alcohol played a part in the woman’s death. An empty bottle in her purse contained such liquor, the coroner said. The purse also contained a large onion, a salt shaker and two teaspoons.”

“Search for the husband started after the wife was found dead by a jail attache. A Sunday newspaper story about Mr. Johnston dying caused local police to communicate with Huntington police via radio. At Huntington it was said that a state pathological test will be made to ascertain the cause of death for the husband.”

“Bluefield police said the couple left that city about June 26 and it is believed were in Cincinnati a short time. They obtained lodging Friday night at the Union Mission.”

“Mrs. Johnston’s body is at Piatt funeral home and Mr. Johnston’s body is at Fisher funeral home in Huntington.”1

Record of Funeral for Opal Dale Johnston

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