Event Scioto County Infirmary

Auto Dealers Give Radio to Infirmary

“Thanks to the liberality of the five dealers interested in the ‘Crysirbakfor’ Auto Show being held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the inmates of the County Infirmary are going to be provided with a high-class radio outfit, loud speaker and all.”

“The radio, which will be installed complete by the dealers, is now on exhibition at the show. These who attend the show are privileged to give what they care toward the upkeep of the radio, such as replacing of the batteries or charging them. To that end, the dealers have installed a hope chest, and the money dropped in the same will be turned over to Superintendent Johnson, who will use the same to maintain the instrument and see to it that ever day and night the inmates, who get quite lonely, are provided with all the good things that go through the air. There is no provision in the budget for the upkeep of the radio, and the only way the small expense can be met will be through the channels of the hope chest, which has been placed in a convenient place in the auto show. The dealers who have purchased the radio are: Scioto County Motors Company., SA (Steve) Stewart, Portsmouth Auto Supply Company, F & M Motor Company and WJ Hays Motor Company.”1

  1. Auto Dealers Give Radio To Infirmary. (1926, February 16). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 7.
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