Scioto County Infirmary

The Lions Club Adopts Infirmary Inmates

“Inmates of the county infirmary were permanently adopted, last night, by the Lions Club at its regular meeting, held in the assembly room of the American restaurant.”

“The club instructed its welfare committee to arrange with Superintendent GC Johnson1 to minister to the wants of those who are spending their days at the county home, and gave the committee carte blanche to be godfather to those in need.”

Edson Tener2 of the Ice Cream and Bottling Company and George Law of the Hollywood Theatre, were extended the thanks of the club for their assistance in holiday entertainment for the inmates of the home.”

“New committee for the next six months were announced.”

“The entertainment committee then took charge and held an old fashioned spelling match, dragging out words that Noah Webster had never heard of, until the president, humiliated by his own downfall over a two letter word meaning whoozis, called a halt.”3

  1. George Clarence Johnson
  2. James Edson Tener
  3. Will Look After Infirmary Inmates. (1926, January 5). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 12.
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