Scioto County Infirmary

Murder Victim at Infirmary

“The terribly decomposes body of a foreigner, found floating in the Scioto river Thursday, was buried in the county Infirmary graveyard Friday afternoon.”

“The body has not been identified. Some well preserved letters, believed to be written in the Russian language, were turned over to Embalmer Ed Kean, of the Dice undertaking establishment, by Coroner Daehler, in hopes of finding someone to translate them.”

“John Swearngin, the Scioto Point grocer, believes the man was accidentally killed or murdered and his body washed out from its grave, or hiding place, by the recent Scioto Valley floods, as the body did not have the appearance of a drowned person.”1

  1. Believes Man Found In Scioto River Was a Victim of Murder. (1915, August 07). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 11.
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