Event Place Scioto County Infirmary

Infirmary Votes are Challenged

“Quite a sensation was sprung at the voting place in Washington township on the West Side Thursday morning when Boss Foster challenged the male inmates at the county infirmary.”

“Prosecuting Attorney Small was appealed to in a hurry by the wet leaders and he was instructed to get in telephonic communication at once with Attorney General Timothy of Columbus. This was done and Mr. Small was informed that the inmates could vote, the supreme court of Ohio having ruled on this very matter several months ago.”

Mr. Small then conveyed his information to the election judges in Washington township and the inmates were allowed to vote. They have always heretofore voted in the county elections and were shocked when their votes were challenged by Boss Foster, who for a number of years, presided over the infirmary during whose administration many of the challenged inmates were making their home at that time.” 1

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