Scioto County Infirmary

$50,000 Estate for a Woman in Portsmouth Poor House

“Truth in Real Life Better Than Fiction”

“There died in far-off Laramie, Wyoming, recently a woman, who left an estate worth $50, 000. Her name was Mrs. Elise Christiansen, and it develops that her only living relatives reside in Portsmouth. And as fate would have it, one of the heirs is at present making her home in the county infirmary.”

“The estate of Mrs. Christiansen, who married a Swede, and whose maiden name was Pfleger, goes to the Pfleger heirs in this city: Ludwig, Philip, Dorothy and Christiana. Philip is employed as an engineer by the N & W railway.”

“This piece of good news was disclosed Saturday in a letter to Henry T. Bannon. Members of the Pfleger family are requested to get in immediate touch with the local attorney. Mr. Bannon has in his possession the details of Mrs. Christiansen’s death and the features of her estate, which may reach from $50,000 to $75,000.”

“For a number of years Mrs. Christiansen lived in Laramie, although her relatives here did not know of her whereabouts and have mourned her as dead. Now comes the information that she just recently died at the age of 60 and leaves an estate variously estimated at from $50,000 to $75,000.”

“One of the heirs it is said lives in Cleveland and another in Jackson county, Ohio. They have good news awaiting their arrival in Portsmouth. It is not known whether Mrs. Christiansen ever resided here.” 1

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