Scioto County Infirmary

Fraud and In-Fighting Between Portsmouth Government and the Infirmary Board

“The gang organ, struggling hard to make a case against the Democratic city administration, as usual puts its foot in its mouth.”

“It relates that a lady, mind you that word lady, went to the city hall and asked for relief, for coal. The relief authorities inquired in to the matter and finding she was a widow, with no voters in her family, refused to give her the coal. But that wasn’t all, the gang organ proceeds to inform the now tearful reader that ‘the lady’ who had just removed to Portsmouth, from a distance, became furiously indignant when ‘they’ wanted to send her to the infirmary and she exclaimed: ‘What you want to send me to the infirmary. Not much, I have an 80-acre farm and a furnished house on it as good as any in the township I came from.'”

“We admit that this is another instance of gross Democratic favoritism and incompetence.”

“‘Ladies’ who would steal from the city ought to be sent to jail and not to the infirmary and idiots who concoct such political dope ought to be sent to the imbecile asylum.”

“But come to think the first proposition over, it was probably best ‘the lady’ with the 8-acre farm and the best furnished house in the township should be sent to the infirmary. Since the hang got to confining its henchmen, arrested for boot-legging, in ‘the ladies’ department of the jail it would not be good form to send anyone with skirts there.”

“Clean out the courthouse.”1

  1. A Queer Sort. (1910, November 4). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 4.
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