Scioto County Infirmary

Tatman to be Made Infirmary Superintendent

“Union township is wearing a broad smile these days because of the innocent manner in which the well-laid plot of the Clark gang to soothe an insurgent has come to light.”

“The insurgent in question is the Honorable Bill Tatman and he has been on the war path because he did not get appointed superintendent of the county infirmary, after he had been promised the job by Philo Clark. One day last week Sheriff John Gillen spent a half day with Tatmen and then-“

“The next day Tatman’s small son Petie went to school and proudly announced this important news:”

“‘I ain’t a coming’ to this school much longer. Mr. Gillen’s goin’ to have my pa made boss of the poor house and we’re goin’ to move there.'”

“And little Petie was the envied of all his associates, who of course went home and told their various papas and mamma’s all about it.”

“Just what is going to happen to John Hall, the present inccumbent is not known, but it is said the skids have already been fixed and he will gently slide back into Nile township oblivion.”

“And this does a piece of pie, properly stuffed in, placeate another bold and valient insurgent. It was epxecte for Tatman and public pie are synonoymous terms.”

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