Scioto County Infirmary

A Lively Row

“There was quite a lively little encounter this morning about half way between the city and the infirmary grounds, the parties concerned being Superintendent Wishon, of the infirmary, and ‘Deacon’ Josiah Jeffords, a widely known resident of the West Side. Jeffords was going from Portsmouth and Wishon, accompanied by Infirmary Director McDaniels, was coming this way. It seems that things have not been going right at the infirmary and that Mr. Wishon has been putting in the greater part of his time riding about the country and letting the infirmary take care of itself. Several days ago complaint was made to the Times office that the insane patients at the infirmary were allowed to wander all over the neighborhood and attention was called to this fact by this paper. As a result Wishon was compelled to give up some of his little trips and spend a few hours a day attending to his duties. This hurt him very much and as he in some way got the idea into his head that Jeffords was responsible for the publication in the Times, he determined to whip him on sight. Accordingly when the men met this morning they called each other some vile names and started to get out of their wagons to fight it out. At this juncture Mr. McDaniels whipped up his team and carried the pugnacious superintendent away from the scene. Jeffords is carrying a gun and trouble is feared when the two men come together again.1

  1. A Lively Row. (1895, July 11). Portsmouth Daily Times, p. 4.
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