Scioto County Infirmary

Superintendent Foster Denies Coercion

“I wish to deny the statement in the last issue of the Times to the effect that the paupers from the infirmary were hauled to the pools at the recent election for the purpose of beating Charley Larkin or anybody else, and that ‘one them had to be carried to the ballot box.’ Five persons went to the polls and were taken in the infirmary wagon, as usual, although all were able to walk. Of these five, so far as my knowledge is concerned, four were Republicans and one a Democrat. So far as I am concerned, or anyone connected officially with the institution, there was not the least coercion or persuasion used. The men voted as they pleased.”
O.D. Foster1

  1. Foster, O. D., Sr. (1891, April 18). Superintedent Foster Denies. Portsmouth Times, p. 5.
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