Scioto County Infirmary

Exciting Runaway: Two Mules and Two Horses in Flight

“The large Infirmary wagon with two horses and two mules attached, was left standing on Second street without a guardian yesterday noon. None of the animals are under 18 years of age, but they got lonesome and lit out. They dashed out Market, up Fourth, then down Court to Front and struck down stream with all the speed left in their aged limbs. They were fortunately stopped by Anson Thomson and Tom Journey, who boldly confronted them and grasped the reins. No damage was done, but life and limb and property were exposed to great danger by the wild run through the streets. The driver, August Hacquard, was resting himself at the time in a neighboring resort. To leave a team standing on the streets in this manner is reprehensible and steps should be taken to have the practice discontinued.”1

  1. Exciting Runaway. (1889, March 2). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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