Scioto County Infirmary

1876: Infirmary Management

“We had not thought of wearying our readers with any further explanations touching the recent deposal of Superintendent Coffrin by the Infirmary Board, but as the Tribune & Company publishes a column of anonymous misrepresentation and denials, we again repeat that the Directors were dissatisfied with the inside management of the Infirmary and sough a change in the interests of economy, to say nothing of its objections to the deposed officer for a disregard of orders. The Tribune and Company correspondent carefully avoid allusion to the sale of the cow and admits pasturing a calf. It is idle to believe that letting wheat stand from Thursday to Monday, made it so unripe as to materially lessen the yield. The what was not ripe enough to harvest and that is all of that.”

“Touching the right of the Superintendent to demains pay for six months of his unexpired term is simply ridiculous. The Board employed him and it has the right to discharge him if it is dissatisfied with him. The Directors have no right to put the county to the cost of an investigation to satisfy the community that he does not give satisfaction to them.”

“As to the selection of this or that man to succeed Coffrin if the Board is convinced that it can, make a wiser selection it will no doubt do so. We believe it can. But the deposal of the present officer was made, the Directors claim, in the interests of the Infirmary, and the Board deserves rather the approbation of the community for the interest it manifests in shirking no responsibilities rather than the carping criticism of manufacturers of party capital and persona friends of the officer discharged. The Times has no personal or political feeling in this matter. All we ask is that the best man that can be found will be put at the head of the Infirmary. A man who will run the institution honestly and economically, guarding the interests of the taxpayers of the county and at the same time treating the inmates with proper consideration. Such a man we want and we don’t care where he comes from or what his politics may be.”1

  1. Infirmary management. (1876, August 19). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.
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