Scioto County Infirmary

New Infirmary Farm and Errors in Abstract

“We have made as thorough an examination as we were able, into the late purchase of an Infirmary farm for the county, and have to say that nothing can be charged against the Commissioners in that matter, unless it be an error of judgement. In settling the terms of payment, however, the Board agreed to pay the first installment of $10,000 within a short time, without any provision or fund to meet the same.”

“The abstract of titles, or indexing of the real estate of the county, was authorized and let by a former Board, but during the year under our consideration, was taken up, and the last installment (some $1,400) due thereon, paid to the contractors. It appears that there was no examination of the work made before this payment; and, from the evidence before us, we are satisfied that the abstract is very defective, and that, without material change, it will prove little benefit.”

“Respectfully signed, George A Waller, GH Gharky, Henry E Jones, Prosecuting Attorney, February, 1871″1

  1. (1871, September 30). Portsmouth Times, p. 3.